[Development] Strongswan 5.0.0

Michael Tremer michael.tremer at ipfire.org
Fri Aug 3 14:58:16 CEST 2012


as Core Update 61 has now been released, it is time to go on with
developments for the next one:

I have updated strongswan to version 5.0.0 which finally removes the
pluto daemon which was responsible for IKEv1 connections.
However, pluto has gotten very old and was created in the beginnings of
the IPsec for Linux developments back in freeswan times.

charon was introduced by strongswan some time ago when IKEv2 connections
got supported. It handles IKEv1 connections as well as IKEv2 connections
since strongswan version 5.0.0.

What are the benefits for IPFire?

As mentioned earlier, pluto is very old and got very hard to maintain.
There have been problems with VPNs that terminate at hosts with dynamic
IP addresses, so we needed to restart the entire IPsec subsystem in
intervals of 5 minutes.
This caused some trouble in stability terms.

charon handles those dynamic endpoints much better without the need to
restart anything. Connections may now be added and removed smoothly and
in total there should be much more connection stability.

There is also some new code for hybrid IPsec VPNs which can be used with
Android 4 and maybe Apple iOS. I have not done any investigation on this
topic, because I am not interested, but hopefully somebody else gives it
a shot.

I have now packaged the changes into a small package which wants to be
installed on your system.


It should not require any manual interaction at all. Please install and
give me feedback about the connection stability and the interoperability
with other (proprietary) implementations.

I am looking forward to it.


P.S. If you reply to this mail make sure to keep both mailing lists.

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