[Development] Dynamic DNS Client for IPFire 3

Michael Tremer michael.tremer at ipfire.org
Fri Jul 20 16:53:27 CEST 2012


I pushed the first version of a dynamic DNS client for IPFire,


It is written entirely in Python and offers a class modem for the
providers. Every provider gets an own class which updates the specified
The configuration file syntax is unified and extensible, to support an
easy way to add new accounts have the option to add some more
configuration variables when needed.

A lot of important stuff is already done like support for an upstream
proxy server, a generic provider class and a basic command line tool.
There are currently two providers supported: No-IP.com and selfhost.de

IMPORTANT: I am not planning to add any more providers by myself. But I
think there might be interest in having more providers and some more
features, so this is an open request for a new maintainer of the tool.

If you are a Python programmer and have interest in maintaining this
little piece of software, write new features and fix bugs, please mail


P.S. I will eventually add some licensing information which is missing
for now.

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