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Jörn-Ingo Weigert jiweigert at
Sat Apr 6 23:19:58 CEST 2013

Hello Michael,

here are some improvements to the new updxlrator-ui which I would like to
see merged.

In short:
- Layout-fixes for match Ipfire- / Maniac-Theme
- Colorized values to see which bar is for what ( Table disk usage /
Overview )
- Values like filesize / cachesize / Data Transfered etc. now displayed in
  (Human Readable Format) like kB / MB / GB / etc.
- Filenames can now not longer break the layout, if they exceed 50chars,
  Ext. will be preserved, Filename will be shrinked and "[...] " will be

here are the commits:

1. -;a=commit;h=a6cafac8d4b27e01729f2384ba03c33e91dfc944
2. -;a=commit;h=ca86cc2ef3732d7443410805d152a6f08c236403
3. -;a=commit;h=24cbebe1cc71bc1bb440306c00afbdc080475018
4. -;a=commit;h=b655f73b7432873991b5cde4e4497fdd699b0c72
5. -;a=commit;h=fb775985ecc939e69cf7deee41e1359f5935b535
6. -;a=commit;h=8c9d59e135641579b40d4f8e0f8ecc0edab519ea

Kind regards
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