What is the process for suggesting bug fixes and improvements (bugtracker vs gitbug) ?

Alf Høgemark alf at i100.no
Sun Feb 9 09:01:27 CET 2014


I started to use Ipfire 2.13 core 75 last week, and I have found a few 
bugs and some areas for improvements.
I have made 3 pull requests on github, 
https://github.com/ipfire/ipfire-2.x/pulls, from my github 

What process do you prefer for people suggesting bug fixes and minor 
improvements ?

Should I make an issue in the bug tracker for each of my pull requests ?

Should I rather attach a patch to a bug tracker issue than issuing pull 
requests on github ?

I guess improvements I should raise on this mailing list, to see if 
other people agree on the improvement ?

I have made a bug fix and an improvements to updxlrator, a fix to 
netexternal.cgi and started an improvement on firewalllog.dat.

I also have just started playing with another improvement, to list the 
number of firewall log entries per country, to be able to see
where blocked machines are coming from. Is this something you think 
would be useful ?

Alf Høgemark
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