What is the process for suggesting bug fixes and improvements (bugtracker vs gitbug) ?

Michael Tremer michael.tremer at ipfire.org
Sun Feb 9 15:01:03 CET 2014

Hey Alf,

On Sun, 2014-02-09 at 09:01 +0100, Alf Høgemark wrote:
> Hi
> I started to use Ipfire 2.13 core 75 last week, and I have found a few
> bugs and some areas for improvements.
> I have made 3 pull requests on github,
> https://github.com/ipfire/ipfire-2.x/pulls, from my github
> https://github.com/alfh/ipfire-2.x.
> What process do you prefer for people suggesting bug fixes and minor
> improvements ?

We are mirroring our repositories to GitHub because some people asked
for that so that they can easily check-in their changes and send them
our way.
That is basically all we use of GitHub. We don't use the integrated
wiki, nor the issue tracker, nor anything else.

For some reason, I don't get email notifications when someone sends a
pull request, so please let me apologize for not responding to those you

> Should I make an issue in the bug tracker for each of my pull
> requests ?

> Should I rather attach a patch to a bug tracker issue than issuing
> pull requests on github ?

Basically yes.

This might depend a little bit on what the changes include, but I think
the bugtracker is the best option for most cases. You may still use your
GitHub repository and point to the branch that should be pulled. A set
of patches for each commit is also fine.

> I guess improvements I should raise on this mailing list, to see if
> other people agree on the improvement ?

Yes, that is the other option if you are not too sure if what you
changed will work or if it is a something other you want other people's
opinion on.

> I have made a bug fix and an improvements to updxlrator, a fix to
> netexternal.cgi and started an improvement on firewalllog.dat.

I am now aware of this and will pull these things from GitHub so that
you don't need to create bugs.

> I also have just started playing with another improvement, to list the
> number of firewall log entries per country, to be able to see
> where blocked machines are coming from. Is this something you think
> would be useful ?

Of course enhancing the logging functionality is always useful as long
as the things that are currently there will still be available and
nothing will be duplicated.

Thank you very much for your contributions. I really appreciated it.
Give me a couple of days to have a look at them and merge them.


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