Using xhtml strict or html5 for the web gui ?

Alf Høgemark alf at
Tue Feb 11 19:26:22 CET 2014


I was trying to validate the html pages of the web GUI of Ipfire.
Although having pages that passes a validator is not absolutely 
requried, I think it makes styling easier, and it makes
good sense to make sure table cells and rows are properly closed etc 
etc. It is a kind of indicator of code quality.

I then noticed that the ipfire web GUI is using the doctype for xhtml 

But the actual html itself seems to be a bit old style, with lots of 
align, valign attributes on tags, which will not validate
as xhtml, even if all the tags are properly closed.

Have you considered going for "html5" doctype ?
Using html5, I think it would require a lot less cleanup to make the 
pages validate.

And when a page validates, it makes it easier to test the page using a 
validator after you make code changes, to make sure it still validates.

Alf Høgemark

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