Feedback wanted on feature to show blocked IPs per country

Alf Høgemark alf at
Mon Feb 17 20:18:38 CET 2014


It was the cache file for the language file at /var/ipfire/langs that 
was playing me a trick.
I removed it, and then the menu option was available.

I've now made a pull request for this
The code is very much based on firewalllogip.dat and showrequestfromip.dat.

Those two files does not look too nice, and therefore my files does not 
look too nice.
I was thinking about doing some major restructuringing, by having one 
"showrequestfrom.dat" file
which could handle taking a contraint on source ip, source ip country or 
destination port, but it would require
some major work, especially since it seems the code is using "comma 
separated query string" when handling a HTTP GET,
instead of individual URL parameters.

So since I understand that the major web GUI code overhaul will happen 
in 3.x, I decided to not do any major changes now.


On 02/17/2014 05:29 PM, Michael Tremer wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sun, 2014-02-16 at 07:24 +0100, alf at wrote:
>> Hi
>> I preliminary version is available at :
>> Currently I am struggling at getting the new functionality available
>> in the menu, so I am asking if anyone has a tip on how to do that ?
>> I've tried to edit the file :
>> --- a/config/menu/
>> +++ b/config/menu/
>> @@ -33,6 +33,11 @@
>>                                   'title' => "$Lang::tr{'firewall logs
>> port'}",
>>                                   'enabled' => 1
>>                                   };
>> +    $sublogs->{'43.firewallcountry'} = {'caption' =>
>> $Lang::tr{'firewall logs country'},
>> +                                'uri' =>
>> '/cgi-bin/logs.cgi/firewalllogcountry.dat',
>> +                                'title' => "$Lang::tr{'firewall logs
>> country'}",
>> +                                'enabled' => 1
>> +                                };
>> but that does not seem to be enough.
> Basically, that's it.
> The CGI script must be there and be executable and you are fine.
> -Michael

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