fireinfo Bug for Kernel Informations and Root Disk Size

Sascha Kilian sascha at
Mon Feb 24 13:33:36 CET 2014

Hi there, 

it is my first post on this list. If i make some misstakes, please tell

If trying to figure out why the Diskspace is not shown in my Profile.
i figured out that some bugs in fireinfo "" exist.

in line 450 "print s.kernel" -> "s.kernel_release"

The root_size is null, i have patched some in the and make the
path in line 388 Static to "/sys/block/sda/size" then he got the right
size. I think it needs to be other identification, sda is the MBR not
the right partition (sda3). My Python expirience is too low to make this

Best regards from Germany

Sascha Kilian

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