fireinfo Bug for Kernel Informations and Root Disk Size

Arne Fitzenreiter Arne.Fitzenreiter at
Mon Feb 24 15:13:13 CET 2014

On 2014-02-24 13:33, Sascha Kilian wrote:
> Hi there,
> it is my first post on this list. If i make some misstakes, please tell
> me.
> If trying to figure out why the Diskspace is not shown in my Profile.
> i figured out that some bugs in fireinfo "" exist.
> in line 450 "print s.kernel" -> "s.kernel_release"
> The root_size is null, i have patched some in the and make 
> the
> path in line 388 Static to "/sys/block/sda/size" then he got the right
> size. I think it needs to be other identification, sda is the MBR not
> the right partition (sda3). My Python expirience is too low to make 
> this
> right.

Do you have used the current version. There is a known bug in beta1 that 
is fixed in beta2.


> Best regards from Germany
> Sascha Kilian
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