Introducing DDNS

Michael Tremer michael.tremer at
Wed Jun 25 12:21:47 CEST 2014


this is a post to update you all about the recent developments regarding
the support for the various upcoming dynamic DNS providers.


Some of the major dynamic DNS providers stopped their free services or
made them unusable so that people started searching for alternatives. In
IPFire 2, a script called [1] is responsible for updating the
dynamic DNS records. This script has grown over the last couple of
months and if you have looked into it you will have noticed that it has
become from ugly to almost un-maintainable. The decision that we don't
want to take this mess with us into the next generation of IPFire was
already made many years ago.


A project called ddns was started which is a pure Python client that is
much more flexible, cleanly rewritten and easily extensible. It is
cross-platform, cross-distribution and does not need any third-party
python modules.

The basics already written years ago, Stefan Schantl and I worked on
making this ready for IPFire 2 and added all the providers that are
currently supported by and ez-ipupdate.

The source for the new DDNS tool can be found over here:;a=summary

or on GitHub

were you can send us pull requests for supporting new providers and so

Bug reports go to the usual place:

There is no fixed release schedule for this, but we are pretty sure that
this won't take long until DDNS arrives in IPFire 2. That means that we
won't take any patches for the script that add support for
new providers any more.

We appreciate any contribution and as always hope to get some feedback
back from the community!



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