R. W. Rodolico rodo at dailydata.net
Mon Feb 2 02:34:09 CET 2015

This was totally my fault, and anyone else who does it should have to go
through what I did. However, I messed up the upgrade from 2.15 core 86
to 2.17.1. Here is how I did it.

I had core 85 installed, and did the upgrade to core 86. However, I did
not reboot (I did it from the command line and there was no notification
there that a reboot was required). I then immediately made the change to

On reboot, the machine did not come up. Unfortunately, I had it set up
for scon, and my serial cable is at a client site, so I was not able to
see an error message. If you want, I can set up the same scenario and
see if it happens again after I get my serial cable back from them

Again, this is a very rare circumstance, and I have no debugging
information at this time.

"Rod" Rodolico
Daily Data, Inc.
POB 140465
Dallas TX 75214-0465

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