Michael Tremer michael.tremer at ipfire.org
Mon Feb 2 16:46:50 CET 2015

Hi Rod,

not rebooting after installing Core Update 86 should not cause this
error at all. We only change some essential system libraries which are
only loaded by the programs after they are restarted. The easiest way of
doing that is to reboot.

However, rebooting too early after installing the update to 2.17 could
cause a system that won't boot any more. The kernel or similarly
important things might not have been written to disk.

It would interest me very much if this problem is actually caused by
this or if there was something other going on (faulty disk for example).

If you still have the image, it would help if you find yourself what
went wrong with the update. Maybe mount it on an other system and have a
loot at what there is on the /boot partition or what has been written to
the update log (/var/log/pakfire/...).


On Sun, 2015-02-01 at 19:34 -0600, R. W. Rodolico wrote:
> This was totally my fault, and anyone else who does it should have to go
> through what I did. However, I messed up the upgrade from 2.15 core 86
> to 2.17.1. Here is how I did it.
> I had core 85 installed, and did the upgrade to core 86. However, I did
> not reboot (I did it from the command line and there was no notification
> there that a reboot was required). I then immediately made the change to
> 2.17.1.
> On reboot, the machine did not come up. Unfortunately, I had it set up
> for scon, and my serial cable is at a client site, so I was not able to
> see an error message. If you want, I can set up the same scenario and
> see if it happens again after I get my serial cable back from them
> (tomorrow).
> Again, this is a very rare circumstance, and I have no debugging
> information at this time.
> Rod

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