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Michael Tremer michael.tremer at
Tue Feb 10 18:08:04 CET 2015


thanks for the notice. I think this looks really great.

On Tue, 2015-02-03 at 10:22 +0100, houseofdreams wrote:
> Hi,
> On the IPFire forum page
> ( I have added a
> theme that I mady originally for myself, but other people seem to like
> it, 
> The original IPFire theme is nice, but I was looking for a full-width
> theme. As I couln't find that, I decided to see if I could make one
> myself, as I have a long background in webdevellopment.

We can of course include this these as an alternative to the default

> I also edited the clwarn.cgi file, but as it's not actually part of
> the theme itself, it could possibly be overwritten by a next update?

I am not too sure about this. The error messages generated by the URL
filter are using a perl template engine. If clwarn.cgi doesn't do the
same thing we should change that, too.

> I wanted to theme the proxy error page, but as this is located even
> further in the source code, I am hesitating to do this, for the same 
> reason of loosing changes by an update. I hope this makes sense?

Yes of course. We should work on getting these files into the
distribution them.

> Stefan Schantl mentioned I should send a mail to let the devellopment
> team know I was working on a new theme. 

Right. Are the sources for this available somewhere? The best option
would be a Git repository somewhere with a branch which I can pull from.


> Kind regards,
> Broos Gert
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