Guardian 2.0 Testversion 011

Stefan Schantl stefan.schantl at
Sat Feb 28 14:50:35 CET 2015

Hello followers,

at first I have to thanks to all of you which have joined the guardian
2.0 testing team. I've got a lot of positive feedback but also has been
noticed about several tiny issues.

I've uploaded an updated test version to

The installation / update works in the same way as described in the
planet post:

IMPORTANT: Please create a backup of your files stored in
"/var/ipfire/guardian/", otherwise the will be overwritten by the


* Matthias Fischer detected some small problems in the "guardian.cgi"
and provided some patches for them.;a=commit;h=19d6abcce57be35c3bd43ebf45e37d69776f081e;a=commit;h=0a6c3cb89642e2ff567993d810757425cf9ccce7;a=commit;h=82208c83c709da1f1c24fd9396e5d351f833fd91

* Blago Culjak informed me about problems on starting guardian and
displaying it's status in the web interface. This behaviour only happens
when the legacy version of guardian has been un-installed and not just
replaced by the guardian. In the updated version contains the required
file which is used by various IPFire scripts to detect if an addon is
installed or not.

* The CLI switch "-d" called "debug mode" has been replaced by "-f" to
launch guardian and run it in the foreground.;a=commit;h=a58bd674863e1c4fd3cff457f1bd51e105c3eb2b

* Some new code has been added to prevent from starting multiple
instances of guardian.;a=commit;h=9d44c0d9952e67f6afad15e2940a5be6f1fe9094

Best regards,


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