[PATCH] Change the default libvirt remote user to libvirt-remote

Jonatan Schlag jonatan.schlag at ipfire.org
Thu Jun 9 20:45:06 CEST 2016

Thank you for the fast answer.

> I would prefer to create a group and a user. We won't give the user a 
> password
> which must be set by the user in order to login with that user.
> If someone prefers, they can create their own users and add them to 
> the group.
> A system group should be created with groupadd of course be checked 
> if that
> group existed before.

I will send a new patch tomorrow, which the checks if the user and the 
group are existent and add the group extra.
I will further send 2 patches which change the default qemu user to 
nobody when this 3 patch are merged libvirt could from my point of view 
pushed to the testing repo.

Regards Jonatan

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