IPFire Developer Summit 2016

Michael Tremer michael.tremer at ipfire.org
Wed Jun 29 15:58:49 CEST 2016


so I haven't received a single reply to this message which I find really
upsetting. It is difficult to host this event and it is becoming more and more
difficult over the years. I can only interpret the silence as a lack of interest
and hopefully I am proven wrong.

So before I sent out this email the entire Core team has already signed up for
this summit and about a hand full more people will be joining. This isn't as
many people as we had in the past years, but that doesn't necessarily say that
this won't be an interesting summit.

So in case someone was still considering coming, I would like to keep
registration open for two more weeks until July 15th.

After then we need to book accommodation and play any remaining things.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


On Mon, 2016-04-18 at 00:12 +0100, Michael Tremer wrote:
> Hello,
> as usual, I would like to invite for this year's IPFire Developer Summit. This
> is our annual event where we meet up, discuss, plan and socialise.
> In contrast to the other years, we won't have talks and do more hands-on
> things
> instead. Think of it more of a hackaton than anything else. Feel free to bring
> your own ideas.
> As everyone's schedule is very tight, we have agreed on the following dates
> already:
>   Sept 1st-5th 2016
> It will be held in London as usual. I have not reached out to arrange a
> location
> like the Mozilla office we had last year as I would like to await
> registrations
> first.
> So here is the registration process:
>   Mailing list: http://lists.ipfire.org/mailman/listinfo/ids2016
> * Please drop me an email if you are going to attend so that we can estimate
>   the number of people and start searching for a location.
> * Also drop me an email if you are part of the active development team and not
>   planning to attend. That will help me to know when to close the registration
>   process.
> * The mailing list is also the place to ask any questions, etc.
> * I do not have a fixed date yet when I will close the registration process,
>   but I would like to do this sooner than later. So please subscribe and
>   mail soon.
> There is also the usual wiki page:
>   http://wiki.ipfire.org/ids/2016/start
> Best,
> -Michael
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