IPFire Developer Summit 2016

Matthias Fischer matthias.fischer at ipfire.org
Thu Jun 30 21:03:26 CEST 2016


I didn't answer yet because we had a tough time before and right after
coming back from holidays.

Sad to say, the result is simple: "I'd like to, but I can't..."

My eldest daughter plus husband plus grandchild are leaving at Sept 1st
to China for a year and for me its more important to guide them to the
airport and wave them goodbye...


On 29.06.2016 15:58, Michael Tremer wrote:
> Hi,
> so I haven't received a single reply to this message which I find really
> upsetting. It is difficult to host this event and it is becoming more and more
> difficult over the years. I can only interpret the silence as a lack of interest
> and hopefully I am proven wrong.
> So before I sent out this email the entire Core team has already signed up for
> this summit and about a hand full more people will be joining. This isn't as
> many people as we had in the past years, but that doesn't necessarily say that
> this won't be an interesting summit.
> So in case someone was still considering coming, I would like to keep
> registration open for two more weeks until July 15th.
> After then we need to book accommodation and play any remaining things.
> Looking forward to hearing from you!
> Best,
> -Michael
> On Mon, 2016-04-18 at 00:12 +0100, Michael Tremer wrote:
>> Hello,
>> as usual, I would like to invite for this year's IPFire Developer Summit. This
>> is our annual event where we meet up, discuss, plan and socialise.
>> In contrast to the other years, we won't have talks and do more hands-on
>> things
>> instead. Think of it more of a hackaton than anything else. Feel free to bring
>> your own ideas.
>> As everyone's schedule is very tight, we have agreed on the following dates
>> already:
>>   Sept 1st-5th 2016
>> It will be held in London as usual. I have not reached out to arrange a
>> location
>> like the Mozilla office we had last year as I would like to await
>> registrations
>> first.
>> So here is the registration process:
>>   Mailing list: http://lists.ipfire.org/mailman/listinfo/ids2016
>> * Please drop me an email if you are going to attend so that we can estimate
>>   the number of people and start searching for a location.
>> * Also drop me an email if you are part of the active development team and not
>>   planning to attend. That will help me to know when to close the registration
>>   process.
>> * The mailing list is also the place to ask any questions, etc.
>> * I do not have a fixed date yet when I will close the registration process,
>>   but I would like to do this sooner than later. So please subscribe and
>>   mail soon.
>> There is also the usual wiki page:
>>   http://wiki.ipfire.org/ids/2016/start
>> Best,
>> -Michael

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