Question concerning the IDS2016 log

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Thu Sep 8 18:30:00 CEST 2016

Hello Michael,
hello development-list,

I have a question concerning the IDS2016 (URL:,
where it says: "Dropping i686 + armv5tel - No need for it any more"

To me, it has not become fully clear if this means the architecture or the whole
release format. For example, nearly nobody (Fireinfo says: 0,07%) is running
an IPFire system with the armv5tel architecture - these are afaik mostly old
systems like the Raspberry Pi which are certainly not suitable for a firewall

On the other hand, > 80% run an i686 system, and I guess it wouldn't make
sense to make these installations unusable because of EOL. But maybe "dropping"
means that you will remove some specific patches for i686, so these will
run with i586 afterwards.

Within the ARM stuff, the situation is not that clear for me. Are you panning
to remove the ARM support at all? Or are you going to remove ARMv5 devices from
the "supported ARM devices list"?

Sorry if there is a misunderstanding here - got way little coffe today. ;-)

Best regards,
Timmothy Wilson

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