Current 'next' won't build

Matthias Fischer matthias.fischer at
Sat Jun 8 11:20:35 BST 2019


today building current 'next' failed with the following error:

# Compress root filesystem
# Reason for this tar+untar+tar is removing of entries listed two or
more in src/ROOTFILES
tar -c --exclude='#*' --exclude='proc/*' --exclude='dev/pts/*'
--exclude='tmp/ROOTFILES' \
    -C / --files-from=/tmp/ROOTFILES -f /ipfire.tar

    tar: You may not specify more than one '-Acdtrux', '--delete' or
'--test-label' option

    Try 'tar --help' or 'tar --usage' for more information.
    make: *** [cdrom:158: /usr/src/log/cdrom] Error 2

Can anyone confirm?


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