suricata: error in 'convert-ids-modifysids-file' -

Stefan Schantl stefan.schantl at
Sun Jun 9 16:53:52 BST 2019

Hello Matthias,

thanks for pointing this out.

I'll send a patch to fix this issue, as soon as possible.

Best regards,

> Hi,
> being curious I tested the latest changes for 'suricata' from current
> 'next' and ran into the following error:
> ***SNIP***
> root at ipfire: /usr # /usr/sbin/convert-ids-modifysids-file
> Global symbol "%idssettings" requires explicit package name at
> /usr/sbin/convert-ids-modifysids-file line 57.
> Execution of /usr/sbin/convert-ids-modifysids-file aborted due to
> compilation errors.
> ***SNAP***
> Adding "my %idssettings=();" in line 27 seemed to fix this.
> Could someone please check and confirm?
> Best,
> Matthias
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