Suggestion: add 'jannson'-libraries

Kienker, Fred fkienker at
Sat Jun 15 17:07:43 BST 2019

These libraries are NOT optional with the current 133 build!

Upgrading an running C132 firewall system, I can duplicate this error. 
Once again, commenting the 2> /dev/null saves the day. With the comment 
removed, this message appears when trying to start Suricata:

/usr/bin/suricata: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or 
directory [ FAIL ]

find / -iname "libjansson*"
returns nothing.

Looks like a missing lib file.

Trying the suggested fix:

pakfire install jansson

PAKFIRE WARN: The pak "jansson" is not known. Please try running 
"pakfire update".
PAKFIRE ERROR: No packages to install. Exiting...

Updating mine back to 132 and re-running the update did not help.

Best regards, 

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did someone notice this?


IMHO we should add these libraries to the Core 133 upgrade.



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