Core 133 test

Mentalic mentalic at
Mon Jun 17 15:20:01 BST 2019


It had hours on one build, half hour or more on another two builds using the
updated 133 iso (b8de67b19eff2cd3735729b2c7441476 MD5). 
So it looks to be something besides not waiting for geoip to unpack.
Typically I see 2-3 min of cpu load on a new build and its all set when cpu
load drops.
I have a few geioIP groups configured which load from the backup before I
let the machine access internet.

Repeated ip tables error last sentence: "Couldn't load match 'geoip':No such
file or directory"


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On 2019-06-17 07:13, Mentalic wrote:
> Installed fresh iso x86_64. Restored backup from 132 system. Geoip is
> having a problem, countries show up in setting gui but nothing is
> actually being blocked. When booting there are many Geoip directory
> not found errors on screen.
> Wayne
GeoIP need to download and convert a Database before it is useable. It 
should retry this after a while.

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