Wrong filepermissions for '/var/log/rrd/wio' after upgrading to Core 133

Matthias Fischer matthias.fischer at ipfire.org
Sun Jun 23 13:04:33 BST 2019


I noticed that after upgrading to Core 133 and 'wio 1.3.2-4', that not
only the wio-'rrd's had been reset, but the directory
'/var/log/rrd/wio/' suddenly belonged to "nobody:nobody/0755".

Because of this the wio-Graphs showed no colors at all, even if the
client(s) were online. No errors, just white graphs.

I changed '/var/log/rrd/wio/' to "root:root/0755" and colors are back.
The old ones are gone, but there are colors at all again.

IMHO this seems to be a bug in '/src/paks/wio/install', line 29:

chown -R nobody.nobody /var/log/rrd/wio

This should read:

chown -R root.root /var/log/rrd/wio

Can anyone confirm?


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