Core 133 test

Mentalic mentalic at
Tue Jun 25 01:16:20 BST 2019

Think I may have found the problem by comparing core 132 to 133. There's an additional folder "/lib/modules/4.14.121-ipfire/extra" in 132 that’s not in the x86_64 133 install. When I copied the named "extra" folder to 133 and rebooted geoip is working with no boot errors.


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So it isn’t this?

> On 17 Jun 2019, at 15:20, Mentalic <mentalic at> wrote:
> Arne,
> It had hours on one build, half hour or more on another two builds using the
> updated 133 iso (b8de67b19eff2cd3735729b2c7441476 MD5). 
> So it looks to be something besides not waiting for geoip to unpack.
> Typically I see 2-3 min of cpu load on a new build and its all set when cpu
> load drops.
> I have a few geioIP groups configured which load from the backup before I
> let the machine access internet.
> Repeated ip tables error last sentence: "Couldn't load match 'geoip':No such
> file or directory"
> Regards
> Wayne
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> On 2019-06-17 07:13, Mentalic wrote:
>> Installed fresh iso x86_64. Restored backup from 132 system. Geoip is
>> having a problem, countries show up in setting gui but nothing is
>> actually being blocked. When booting there are many Geoip directory
>> not found errors on screen.
>> Wayne
> GeoIP need to download and convert a Database before it is useable. It 
> should retry this after a while.

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