IP Address Blacklists

Tim FitzGeorge ipfr at tfitzgeorge.me.uk
Sat Feb 15 15:40:28 UTC 2020


I've pushed the my changes to implement IP Address Blacklists to the
repository at git://git.ipfire.org/people/timf/ipfire-2.x.git on the
ipblacklist branch.

As a result of discussions with Michael, this has a number of changes
from my first patch series:

- Removed autoblacklist.
- Added WUI log pages.
- Removed status from settings WUI page.
- Simplified download.
- Modified sources file 'rate' to allow unit to be specified.
- Updated sources file 'disable' to allow list to be specified.
- Changed Dshield download URL to preferred address.
- Removed Abuse.ch blacklist (discontinued).
- Removed Talos Malicious blacklist (not appropriate).
- Added Feodo recommended blacklist.
- Added blocklist.de all blacklist.
- Updated ignored messages in logwatch.

There's also some additional code on the addresscheck branch which adds
a WUI page that can check why a URL or address is being blocked.  It's
not production ready, but may possibly be useful in testing.


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