Last call for Core Update 167 (was: Re: Core Updates 166 and 167)

Peter Müller peter.mueller at
Sat Apr 2 07:42:10 UTC 2022

Hello development folks,

being responsible for upcoming Core Update 167, I would like to close this
update roughly at the beginning of next week. This is because it contains
several security-relevant updates (such as Apache, Bind [might need another one?],
zlib [again], OpenSSH, and so on) which I think should be available to our
userbase as soon as possible.

To have CVE-2022-1015 and CVE-2022-1016 covered, I will submit a patch for
an updated kernel later this day, since we have enough space to ship one as
the linux-firmware changes were reverted (see 8a4780de645a5b3ab42054eaf022c57d6849ae9a).

Looking at Patchwork, it would be great if we could clarify the status of
these patches and patch series, and whether they should go into Core Update
167 or not:

If there are any patches sitting around in your local/private repositories
you want to have in Core Update 167, kindly post them. As always, drop me a
line in case of questions or comments.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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