[IPFire Announcement] IPFire 2.11 - Core Updates 54 + 55 released

The IPFire Project. ipfire-announce at lists.ipfire.org
Sat Jan 7 14:49:13 CET 2012

Today, we are going to release *two* new core updates for the IPFire
firewall distribution.

Core Update 54: Minor feature enhancements and bugfixes

This core update comes with some updates for network hardware, that will
give more speed and reliability. The web proxy service has been updated
as well and consumes less memory in some occasions among other

The intrusion detection system rules download is working again for the
latest ruleset and the hardware status section on the web user interface
recognizes more harddrives.

In particular, you will find these updates in this core update.
 Package updates:
  * squid 3.1.18
  * snort (daq 0.6.2)
  * smartmontools (5.42)
 Network drivers:
  * Intel network drivers (igb 3.2.10, e1000 8.0.53, e1000e 1.6.3)
  * ath9k-htc (USB) firmware 1.3
  * Timezone and hardware database
  * GeoIP database
 Small bugfixes:
  * Syntax error in DHCP client script
  * H.323 connection tracking modules are not loaded when the system

Core Update 55: 6 security updates in openssl

Two days ago, six security issues have been fixed in the openssl
package: http://www.openssl.org/news/secadv_20120104.txt, which did not
make it for core update 54 that was already finished in quality testing.
openssh has also been updated to version 5.9p1.


Altogether there is not much exciting stuff in here, but we recommend to
install both updates as soon as possible and recommend to reboot IPFire

If you like, you may express your appreciation for these updates by
making a donation (http://www.ipfire.org/donation) which will be used to
found the ARM development
(http://www.ipfire.org/news/ipfire-2.11-available-on-arm) and server

Thanks to all who have contributed to this core updates. The full
changelogs can be seen here: Core 54
(http://git.ipfire.org/?p=ipfire-2.x.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/core54), Core 55 (http://git.ipfire.org/?p=ipfire-2.x.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/core55).

New addon since the last core update:
Transmission 2.42: Easy to use bittorrent client with web-management.

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