[IPFire Announcement] The new face of the IPFire project

The IPFire Project. ipfire-announce at lists.ipfire.org
Thu Jul 19 14:42:00 CEST 2012

Since about a week, the IPFire project has got a new website. Check it
out: http://www.ipfire.org.
We are very proud that we are able to present ourselves in a new look,
with much more information and much more style. The primary objectives
when creating the new site was to explain what IPFire is in a few
sentences and to motivate people to join the project and contribute:

Features (http://www.ipfire.org/features)
Here is the new feature section, which has some information about the
most important features of IPFire. You can find some screenshots and
general information about the distribution.
We hope to be able to extend this section over the next time with even
more content.

Get Involved (http://www.ipfire.org/getinvolved)
As we often get the question "How can I help?" or "Where to start?", we
created a page which points out all the different ways you can help the
projects to achieve its goals. Have a look at it and please get

Have a look around and discover the new website. If you find a mistake
or if you just like the website, please send us feedback. It's very much
appreciated. Also mail it to your friends and show them the project.

At last, we would like to thank the people who helped writing the texts
and looked over them again and again. Thanks for contributing!


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