IPFire 2.11 Core Update 64 released

The IPFire Project ipfire-announce at lists.ipfire.org
Tue Nov 20 12:37:42 CET 2012

Today, we are releasing the 64th Core Update for IPFire 2.11. This
update brings some minor software updates and fixes several bugs.

The Intrusion Detection program snort has  been updated to version The corresponding daq library to  version 1.1.1. This enables
snort to work with the latest VRT ruleset  and fixes some minor bugs.

Outgoing firewall: The broken MAC rules have been fixed
It was impossible to use the MAC rules, to allow hosts to access the
internet. A bigger rewrite of the code fixes this problem and makes the
outgoing firewall a bit more performant.

Minor bugs & feature enhancements

* Update accelerator: The path to the delete icon has been fixed as
reported by Jörn-Ingo Weigert.
* pakfire can now use the XZ compression algorithm for the package

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which are very interesting. Please take a minute to read them and
consider subscribing to the Planet "RSS

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IPFire 2.13

As a quick preview on IPFire 2.13, which brings a whole bunch of new
features, we are close to releasing the first beta version. Stay tuned
for that and help us finding bugs

We recommend that everyone updates to this version of IPFire as soon as
possible. Without a doubt, this is the best version of IPFire that has
ever been released. If you think so as well, please consider donating to
the project (http://www.ipfire.org/donate). If you can't afford to
donate, there are some other ways you can help and get involved as well

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