IPFire 2.11 - Core Update 63 has been released

The IPFire Project ipfire-announce at lists.ipfire.org
Fri Oct 19 10:30:42 CEST 2012

Today, we are releasing the 63rd Core Update for IPFire 2.11. This
update fixes some minor problems and fixes two security issues in

= Software updates =

* apache2 - 2.2.23 - because of CVE-2012-2687 aka CVE-2008-0455 and
* dhcp - 4.2.2 - because the older version got confused with VLANs
* fireinfo - 2.1.6 - Ignore some more invalid ID strings

= Other bug fixes =

The long awaited OpenVPN fragment/mssfix bug has been fixed and the
network-vlans initscript is not too noisy any more.
Despite that, some invalid HTML output was generated by the index.cgi
script, which has been reported by mrkaehler. Thank you.

We recommend to update as soon as possible. If you like this update as
much as we do, please donate (http://www.ipfire.org/donate).

Michael on behalf of the IPFire developers

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