IPFire 2.13 BETA releases

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Tue Jan 22 17:47:08 CET 2013


this is a summary about the progress, we have made in getting IPFire
2.13 ready for release.

At the very beginning of the year, we released the first beta version,
which was followed by the second beta version, which was released

  IPFire 2.13 beta 1

  IPFire 2.13 beta 2

Overall, things calmed down and we did not experience any bigger
problems - although there have been some little beans that already have
been fixed. As IPFire 2.13 is already that stable, we would love if a
lot of you upgrade to the latest development version and help us finding

  Learn how to upgrade:

The amount of changes that have been done in IPFire 2.13 is very huge,
that we decided to break the change log into several parts. Please have
a look at them and stay tuned for the ones that are coming!

  IPFire 2.13 Beta 1 - Part 1 ARM

  IPFire 2.13 Beta 1 - Part 2 Strongswan 5 - IPsec VPN

  IPFire 2.13 Beta 2 - Part 3 Wireless LAN

Thanks for reading this and we are happy if you decide to support us!

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