[IPFire Artwork] Design Request | Captive Portal

Alexander Marx alexander.marx at oab.de
Fri Jan 29 13:51:55 CET 2016


Here are the actual ugly screenshots from the loginpage.
one version with voucher access and the other one with license agreement.


Am 29.01.2016 um 02:59 schrieb Michael Tremer:
> Hi Maurice,
> I know that you are busy with other things, but nevertheless I would
> like to send you this request.
> Alex is currently working on a so called captive portal. That are these
> things that pop up on your phone or laptop when you connect to a
> wireless network in a hotel or cafe. That web page that is shown is
> what we need to design now.
> We also have a few other pages that are shown to the users of the
> network when for example a web page is blocked. That page however is
> really ugly and probably needs a remake as well. I want to focus on the
> captive portal for now, but I guess you would like to know that there
> are more. [1] and [2]. Really bad right? They scare users.
> Alex will send you a screenshot of the development version we have now.
> This is just a quick page to show the concept and what we are roughly
> after.
> There are two options for now. The first one is where the user has to
> agree to a license and click a "I accept" button. The second one is
> where the user will have to type in a voucher code and click a button
> to log in.
> Would you like to work on this?
> If so, a quick mock-up would be okay for now, because we would like to
> put this entire project on the wishlist to raise some crowd-funding
> money. Giving the user that mock-up would certainly help so that they
> get a good impression what they are supporting here. The actual
> implementation will happen a bit later when enough funds have been
> raised.
> @Alex, would you please send some screenshots of the two pages we have
> so far?
> Best,
> -Michael
> P.S. @Maurice, I know that I am throwing a bit of random stuff at you.
> Just let me know when I don't make sense any more :)
> [1] http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-9sw4wUeUsgQ/VfU-c33FMDI/AAAAAAAADzM/bBnJN4oCffo/s640/31.png
> [2] http://wiki.ipfire.org/_media/en/addons/clamav/squidclamav-detection.png

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