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Alexander Marx alexander.marx at ipfire.org
Fri Jan 29 20:37:50 CET 2016

> Hey,
> OK, in general I got it. Thanks for the screens Alex.
> I have a few questions and suggestions.
>  1. To be prepared for further upcoming pages like these, are you able
>     to hand over a list of them (perhaps with screenshots)? Not really
>     needed, but very helpful to deliver a consistent flexible design.
As far as i know there are no other "external" pages. The Webinterface 
of IPFire has an own design and several themes, i think you already saw 
>  1. Should the hoster be able to include his own logo/brand? That
>     would give the users a lot more trust in that things. If an image
>     upload is not in the current scope, I suggest a prominent headline
>     where the hoster is able to include the company name. Do you agree?
Actually the hoster is able to change the Title (The top-title in the 
screenies like "Login" or on the other page "My private HotSpot") maybe 
we can add a Logo but we have to decide which dimensions are allowed. 
This is difficult as many companies have different dimensions of Logos. 
Some are 4:3, others are like 27:9 and so on.
What do other people think?
>  1. Since it's part of IPFire, should those pages be designed like the
>     new upcoming style of IPFire? Means same color theme, button
>     style, IPFire logo, caption like "powered by IPFire", etc? Or
>     should it totally generic so that the users has no clue what
>     system shows those dialogs?
No. I think if we have something like a "background-color" instead of a 
picture, we should the hoster let configure it, so the people are able 
to adpat the colors to their own corporate identity. So if you woul like 
to work with gradients or similar, i would recommend to make it 
Michael, what do you think?
> Best, Maurice
> On Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 1:51 PM, Alexander Marx <alexander.marx at oab.de 
> <mailto:alexander.marx at oab.de>> wrote:
>     Hi
>     Here are the actual ugly screenshots from the loginpage.
>     one version with voucher access and the other one with license
>     agreement.
>     Alex
>     Am 29.01.2016 um 02:59 schrieb Michael Tremer:
>         Hi Maurice,
>         I know that you are busy with other things, but nevertheless I
>         would
>         like to send you this request.
>         Alex is currently working on a so called captive portal. That
>         are these
>         things that pop up on your phone or laptop when you connect to a
>         wireless network in a hotel or cafe. That web page that is
>         shown is
>         what we need to design now.
>         We also have a few other pages that are shown to the users of the
>         network when for example a web page is blocked. That page
>         however is
>         really ugly and probably needs a remake as well. I want to
>         focus on the
>         captive portal for now, but I guess you would like to know
>         that there
>         are more. [1] and [2]. Really bad right? They scare users.
>         Alex will send you a screenshot of the development version we
>         have now.
>         This is just a quick page to show the concept and what we are
>         roughly
>         after.
>         There are two options for now. The first one is where the user
>         has to
>         agree to a license and click a "I accept" button. The second
>         one is
>         where the user will have to type in a voucher code and click a
>         button
>         to log in.
>         Would you like to work on this?
>         If so, a quick mock-up would be okay for now, because we would
>         like to
>         put this entire project on the wishlist to raise some
>         crowd-funding
>         money. Giving the user that mock-up would certainly help so
>         that they
>         get a good impression what they are supporting here. The actual
>         implementation will happen a bit later when enough funds have been
>         raised.
>         @Alex, would you please send some screenshots of the two pages
>         we have
>         so far?
>         Best,
>         -Michael
>         P.S. @Maurice, I know that I am throwing a bit of random stuff
>         at you.
>         Just let me know when I don't make sense any more :)
>         [1]
>         http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-9sw4wUeUsgQ/VfU-c33FMDI/AAAAAAAADzM/bBnJN4oCffo/s640/31.png
>         [2]
>         http://wiki.ipfire.org/_media/en/addons/clamav/squidclamav-detection.png

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