[IPFire Artwork] Website: Feature page

Maurice Gesswein zerpixelung at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 23:35:41 CET 2016

Hey folks,

I'm very sorry for my late absence. But now I'm able to show you a
suggestion for the feature/about page :)

I'm aware of all the missing content. That screenshot should give you a
first impression.

The TOC (table of content) on the left side should be sticky and doesn't
disappear while you scroll down. Example:

Since there are a lot of top level points and the list becomes quite long
you may consider to reorganize it. Personally I like it the way Bootstrap
does it by using more sub-level points and only show them if the parent
point is selected. That would save us a bit of space. If the browser window
is not high enough you don't see the last couple of points.

As always - designs for the mobile views will follow.

Let me know your thoughts or concerns.

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