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Maurice Gesswein zerpixelung at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 08:11:41 CEST 2017

Am 06.04.2017 10:52 nachm. schrieb "Sven" <sven.hoehn at posteo.de>:

@Michael can you please update the files for the dev website with the new

I correct a part of the errors written down by Maurice.
Also edit the icons but now I have complete control with CSS but the sizes
are not right, have to check the SVG code for that. (

Seems to be that I was not clear enough, sorry. I provided the icons in a
wrong way. I'll send corrected icons at 24x24 this evening. Just scale the
existing icons to a square will not work as expected. The optical
proportions will be lost. Feel free to compare them with the existing ones
and you will see the difference.

On 6. Apr 2017, at 15:19, Sven <sven.hoehn at posteo.de> wrote:

On 6. Apr 2017, at 14:19, Michael Tremer <michael.tremer at ipfire.org> wrote:

First of all loads of thanks to you two for working on this. This is really
coming along looking awesome.

How do we fix the "visual bugs" now?

Good question,

I am not really on the same page with what should be finished now and what
Many pages look broken and I assume you just have not been working on
these, yet

I didn’t look at any other page except the homepage and to me it’s not
clear which page get a complete new layout and which page get only the

And I have some smaller things that don't seem to look right in Firefox. Is
the right time to collect these, yet?

Yes. But let us open a ticket on the bug tracker for the webpage.
I think that some of the things that don’t look right to you are the same
for Maurice.

@Michael can you create the ticket? I’m not sure in which category it goes.


On Wed, 2017-04-05 at 23:02 +0200, Maurice Gesswein wrote:

First output looks very promising for me. Thanks Sven!

It seems to be that something went weird with the colors at Zeplin. At the
thumbnails they look good, when you open a screen they doesn't. Good news:
codes are correct! :) I'll figure out what went wrong and perhaps I found
another tool like Zeplin which can be archived by Michael ;p Stay tuned,
checking the feature set.

Next thing is that Zeplin interprets the properties of e.g. a font correct
might be unclear for others. Please use the properties ABOVE the CSS box as
the primary information about the selected element. Than your mentioned
opacity issue should be clear. The colors should look like this: rgba(0, 0,

I found several things I would like to fix:
I noticed that I have to build up the Sketch file in a different way that
icons will be exported correct as 24x24px size. At the moment they are
cropped. At their proper size of 24x24px it will be a lot easier to align
those vertically correct. I'll update the Icon screen asap.
Please recheck all opacity values. A lot of them are not correct. I guess
that's due to the CSS output of Zeplin and how I set up the Sketch file. Use
the values which are shown above the CSS box.
Please also recheck the line-heights of each font-style. Some of them has
strange values.
Font weight on buttons should be medium/600.
Ghost buttons doesn't have dropshadows
Lots of elements become smaller at <992px width. That should not happens.
It seems to be that the gaps of the grid were not set to 24px instead of
Aren't they? If this would cause too much trouble, we can leave it as it is.
It doesn't have a bad impact.
"Fire" of IPFire in the top navigation is not bold/medium
The buttons has lots of different heights. Please set a fixed height of 36
default buttons and 48px for big buttons
The touch target area is missing at the default buttons (48px height).
important to provide a good user experience at touch devices. The clickable
area must be big enough that fat finger hits it the first time ;)
At viewport <992px the burger icon is not left aligned anymore. But you
already said that you doesn't spend much time at the navigation so far.
Some more minor issues... But for now it should be enough to fix :)

Do we want to set up a Trello board for all these and upcoming todos? I'm
fine by using Git issues for that.


On Wed, Apr 5, 2017 at 8:02 PM, Sven <sven.hoehn at posteo.de> wrote:

and now how we proceed?

Are you writing down a list with all the things to change?

Do we talk so that everybody express what he thinks and what to change?

On 5. Apr 2017, at 19:55, Michael Tremer <michael.tremer at ipfire.org>



it is all up on http://dev.ipfire.org

If you want to view fireinfo, just add the "dev" to the domain. For



Do the same for planet, wishlist, etc...


On Wed, 2017-04-05 at 18:11 +0100, Michael Tremer wrote:


On Tue, 2017-04-04 at 22:18 +0200, Sven wrote:

Hello everybody,
I’m thinkin’ that the coding of the home page has reached a point where


need the site live to discuss.


It’s not pixel perfect, the mobile menu is only the bootstrap version


down and not from the left like in the mookups, the SCSS code is still


chaotic, the image-scaling dosen’t work like expected and the svg


dosen’t work at all in Safari, but it’s good enough to have a


@Michael it is possible to include html markup between these brackets {{
_("IPFire") }} for example {{ _(“IP<strong>Fire</strong>") }}

No. The translation function escapes all HTML.

@Maurice I have troubles with the colours, in zeplin for example the
background is $blue_grey_900 but with a opacity of 0.6 when I put the


values in my css the colour seems darker.
But its easier to go all of these details when you see it in your



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