[IPFire Artwork] Bugzilla

Maurice Gesswein maurice.gesswein at ipfire.org
Mon Apr 24 12:02:29 CEST 2017


I'm going to write some bug reports related to dev.ipfire.org. As far as I
see there is no component in Bugzilla for dev.ipfire.org. There is only a
general "Web Site" component. Should I use that component for my reports
and refer to dev.ipfire.org?

I also remember and see the umbrella bug "Big Website Relaunch". I assume
that bugs related to dev.ipfire.org should be somehow linked to that
umbrella bug. How does it work? I see nothing helpful on the "new bug"
form. Is there a hidden mechanism which links a new bug reports to that
umbrella bug whenever I refer to that by writing "#11314" (umbrella bug ID)
in the summary?

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