[IPFire Artwork] Moving the website relaunch forward...

Michael Tremer michael.tremer at ipfire.org
Tue Nov 14 13:23:45 CET 2017

Hello *,

I would like to pick up the conversation on this list again as I just had some
one-to-one emails between Sven and me and I of course don't want to exclude

I asked Sven if we would be able to finish the website relaunch by the end of
November so that we can launch this before Christmas and get it off of our
tables. This seems to be fairly tight now, but he agreed that we should try it
and see how close we can get to that deadline.

However, there is still a lot to do. It looks like a lot, but it does not seem
to be the most difficult since the base layout is already there and the
remaining pages are just simple or do not need to be too well styled because
they are just for internal use. We can always refine things later, because this
is not a drop and then leave kind of situation, but a work in progress...

So what is left to do?

The main page seems to be okay for me. I think Sven agreed on this but has some
minor things which I think we could possibly even fix later.

The features page is also done.

Then there is many pages where the design does not exist for. Unfortunately we
can only launch everything or nothing so that we at least need to migrate them
to Bootstrap 4 and implement a new design later if we cannot do now.

There are on the main page:


For these I need some better ideas for structuring the content. They seem quite
redundant: http://dev.ipfire.org/get-support, http://dev.ipfire.org/get-involved

The error pages need to be fixed: http://dev.ipfire.org/404

There will be some bigger updates for the donation page which I will put in an
extra email (http://dev.ipfire.org/donate).

Then we go the http://planet.dev.ipfire.org/, http://downloads.dev.ipfire.org/, 
http://fireinfo.dev.ipfire.org/, http://mirrors.dev.ipfire.org/, http://nopaste.
dev.ipfire.org/, http://geoip.dev.ipfire.org/ which are all public.

And then we got http://talk.dev.ipfire.org & http://admin.dev.ipfire.org/ which
are only for members to log in and therefore not really a priority, but they
must work so that we can post on the planet.

All in all this looks like a lot, but all those domains have basically two pages
and loads of stuff can obviously be re-used so I don't think this is too much

Maurice, do you have the time right now to design the remaining things?

Can I be of any help to implement this?

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