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Maurice Gesswein maurice.gesswein at ipfire.org
Wed Nov 29 00:27:22 CET 2017

Viewport XL and L are available at Zeplin. https://zpl.io/25N8DpW

On Thu, Nov 23, 2017 at 12:45 AM, Maurice Gesswein <
maurice.gesswein at ipfire.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> due to personal reasons I was not able to spent that much time into the
> donate page so far. This is an unfinished version in our biggest viewport.
> Rest will follow asap.
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/nz2ktou84szrya0/Donate%20-%20XL.png?dl=0
> Best, Maurice
> On Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 2:10 PM, Michael Tremer <michael.tremer at ipfire.org
> > wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I put together some ideas for the donation page. We have the problem that
>> we
>> basically get no donations any more outside of the wishlist and even
>> those are
>> frankly way too low. The don't even cover our cost.
>> And since we a providing a good product here which saves people a lot of
>> money
>> we should not be afraid to ask for donations. Of course it is still free
>> for
>> everyone to donate or not, but some people need to be reminded that this
>> possibility exists.
>> So we will now add some new features: We will allow donations via credit
>> card
>> and standing order to make this really hassle-free and we will allow
>> recurring
>> donations because some people prefer to give a small amount each month
>> instead
>> of a big amount once a year.
>> We will also remove the variety of currencies and just use EUR & USD and
>> suggest
>> depending on GeoIP which one is default. USD will be default for the US
>> and
>> Canada obviously, but we will try to encourage people to use EUR when ever
>> possible since we pay less fees.
>> Payment options are credit card & SEPA direct debit which support
>> recurring
>> donations. We don't support that with PayPal at the moment, but I think I
>> will
>> need to implement their API.
>> I would like to suggest amounts to donate. That seems to be common
>> practice. We
>> should have 250, 100, 50, 25, 10 and a custom option where people can
>> enter what
>> ever they want. The minimum should be 1 (EUR/USD). If a recurring
>> donation is
>> picked, we should use some JS to halve the amount on those buttons.
>> We have to get the full name and address of the person who donates for tax
>> reasons and secondly to get the payments through because the credit card
>> companies validate those against their own database.
>> We will also collect the email address to get in touch with people.
>> So in the end the process will look like this:
>> 1) Person selects one-time/monthly payment, an amount by clicking on a
>> button
>> and selects the payment type. Click something like "Donate Now".
>> 2) A form is shown to enter name, email & address.
>> 3) Redirect to payment provider to enter credit card stuff, etc.
>> 4) Payment provider redirects back to a thank you page
>> This is probably a good example and done quite similar:
>>   https://donate.mozilla.org/
>> I have also written a few new texts that probably need a little bit of
>> refinement, but should be a good start:
>> Why should I donate?
>> We are proud of what we are doing here at IPFire. We create a free
>> firewall
>> distribution that is free to use for everyone anywhere in the world. To
>> do that,
>> we need to provide the infrastructure to distribute it to our users and
>> provide
>> the right tools for our developers to help them to make IPFire better
>> every day.
>> Donations from individuals and corporations are the only way to keep all
>> of our
>> services free for everyone. They pay for hosting, advertising, purchase
>> equipment and to fund the work of the people behind it.
>> Our ambition is to compete with projects backed by large corporations and
>> proprietary solutions and we cannot do that without you. Become a
>> supporter
>> today!
>> How much should I give?
>> Donations range from single digits donations to hundreds. For us it is
>> important
>> to give something back to help this project to succeed. If you want to
>> help,
>> please do so and encourage others to do so, too.
>> Maybe we will also have a small FAQ depending if people have some
>> difficulties
>> to donate or commonly asked questions.
>> There should also be some area for the smallprint since we need to tell
>> people
>> who they are donating to and that we don't do any refunds, etc.
>> @Maurice: Could you design a page like this?
>> @Sven: Would you be up to implement his with the JS and all other
>> frontend bits?
>> I would develop the backend and the interfaces with the payment providers.
>> Best,
>> -Michael
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