[IPFire Artwork] Progress on the blog

Michael Tremer michael.tremer at ipfire.org
Wed Jul 18 16:35:49 BST 2018


finally, I managed to get the new site online. I installed a new fresh web
server and migrated from nginx to Apache which was a little bit tricky...

The URL is the same one: https://dev.ipfire.org/

The blog is available at https://blog.dev.ipfire.org/

Please have a look around. I guess it is best to have an email thread for each
sub-page so that we can move them forward independently. This one is supposed to
be for the blog:

I cut many corners so far, but basically am quite confident that I implemented
the design a fair bit. I didn't pay much attention to the mobile viewports, yet.

So here is the list:

* The sidebar menu will be quite tricky to move to the top when the screensize
is reduced. Is there an alternative we can implement for now and replace this

* I didn't use any of the icons, because I am not sure if there is a good way to
download them all in one go instead of having so many loose SVG objects around.

* I assumed that all headlines in the posts will have the same size (don't we
need any hierarchy here?) and just set h1, h2, ..., h6 to a fixed size. Was that

Here is the page with all the demo content:


* Images seem to expand to full width :(


* I have no design for an empty search result:


* I assumed that the year pages should be a list of the posts without author
name clickable:


* The big donate button is in the base template and therefore appeared at the
top. I left it there for now because I thought it would be a good idea to have a
donate button on the blog. In the posts we often encourage people to donate.

Should we rather have the button at the bottom just like the LWL posts for posts
that we tag to have that button?

* Should also be a button for the RSS feed?

That's what I have so far. Please comment :)


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