[IPFire Artwork] Website Redesign: Static Pages

Michael Tremer michael.tremer at ipfire.org
Thu Jul 19 14:54:33 BST 2018


I would like to ask a few questions about the static pages that we have. I am
not sure what I should do with them content-wise and I hope that a bit more
clarity about what they will look like might help.

So, we have one big page which is a bit special which is the features page:


This one is a bit special in that sense that it has a lot of content and even
needs a navigation bar. One of my initial thoughts was that it needs to be split
up, but since the design works so well and it is not supposed to be that long
the content needs to be shortened, screenshots need to be added and it should
basically become a redirector to the wiki where people find information that is
going more into depth.

But what do we do with the remaining content?

I tried to put everything onto a card and make it narrow (similar to the blog),
but that I guess only works for the legal page:


Then we have Support & Community from the top navigation. Should that
potentially become one page? It has a lot of redundant information and probably
most of that should be on the wiki. I don't want to talk about development here
at all.


Then we have the artwork page:


I guess that should only have the logos there. It is supposed to be a place for
the press to get it from. I am not even sure if it is linked anywhere but I
occasionally use it in an email.

Then we have the chat page:


That content could potentially go to the community page.

Finally, we need error pages. At the moment we have this:


It does not transport any particular message. I just tells the user off which
isn't too nice. They could be a bit more creative, but at the same time they
should be simple to implement because they are not a priority at all.

The load-balancer we have in front of the web server also sends out error pages.
For that we would need something that is a small page and everything fits into
one single HTML file.

I would like to have an error page in the webapp for these:

  * 400 - Bad Request
  * 403 - Forbidden
  * 404 - Not Found

The load-balancer should have a page for these error codes:

  * 500 - Internal Server Error
  * 502 - Bad Gateway
  * 503 - Service Unavailable
  * 504 - Gateway Timeout

Potentially this could all be the same page. The user doesn't need to know an
exact reason why the page isn't loading.


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