[IPFire Artwork] Thoughts on the donation page

Michael Tremer michael.tremer at ipfire.org
Thu Jul 26 11:12:56 BST 2018


I want to start a thread on the donation page. When I have been working
on it, I had a few ideas and discovered a few problems with the flow.
So I tried to change them, but am quite unsure if I came to the right

So this page...


...is supposed to encourage people to set up a recurring donation to
the project. We benefit most from smaller regular donations than one-
time donations. Therefore the process should be quick and easy.

We have a few legal requirements which don't make this too easy for us
to design an effortless process. The main issue with that is the
address that we need. We need that to process payment and we will have
to store it for tax records.

This used to be a pop-up before and I moved this to the main box now
because of two reasons:

* We should be up-front that this is a requirement and not surprise
people with the pop-up

* I would like to have a pop-up that encourages people to change their
one-time donation to a monthly one and two pop-ups feel a little bit

That makes the main box a little bit large, but I think that at least
it has all steps on it.

Then, I removed the payment methods. This is easier to ask that in the
backend and it would require some changes in the code there to make it
work. We also don't always offer all payment options. Hence it is good
that we know the amount and currency beforehand.

I kept the icons though and moved then underneath the donate button
because we should still show which payment options are potentially
available. Can we add a logo for SEPA here?

I am also considering to remove PayPal entirely. They are just a pain
to deal with and ridiculously expensive. Credit card and SEPA should
cover payments from anywhere in the world and easy and flexible.

After someone has gone through the process, they will receive an email
with a PDF document that contains the SEPA mandate if they have chosen
SEPA. In case of credit card, there won't be any emails.

The bank statements or credit card bill will have a link to the
accounting software to end any recurring donations. I have considered
sending a thank you email with a link, but people would loose it.
Sending an email every time we take a payment is very annoying.

Then, there is the pop-up to think about. I have no idea what that
could look like. It should be nice and ask if the user would prefer to
do a monthly donation of the amount that they have selected divided by
four. So we should make a suggestion and make it one click to make it
recurring. There should also be a "no thanks" option that just
continues with the one-time payment.

Potentially we won't show the pop-up for donations that are 10 EUR or
USD. It doesn't make too much sense to break them into smaller monthly

Does anyone have any ideas for a good wording?

Finally, I changed the split layout because it didn't feel natural to
me to either fill in one or the other side to pick an amount to donate.
Although there was a big "OR", I am personally happier with having
those aligned from top to bottom. Comments?

So that's it for now. I will hopefully find some time next week to
write the texts for that page and maybe others. It doesn't come very
natural to me, but I will give it a try. Hopefully we will be able to
tell what the final shape of the page is going to be.


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