[IPFire Artwork] Bootstrap 4.1

Maurice Gesswein maurice.gesswein at ipfire.org
Sat Jul 28 23:52:05 BST 2018

Hey all,

I'll try to make it fast and direct. No negativ criticism or rude meanings
are included and I really enjoy to be part of the IPFire project.

As we all know since the upgrade to BS4.1 tons of UI related things broke
or changed back to default behaviors at the new IPFire Website. *Are we
willing to go the extra mile again to customize BS to the UI-design I
designed or do we want to switch to the default BS theme, just do some
adjustments and be live in a proper timeframe?*

To be honest, I don't want to spend time and energy to think about how to
merge the status quo of dev.ipfire.org to the planned new website design
with a lot of QA work I actually already did.

Brainwork for the future:
When it comes to the WUI of IPFire, please think very careful if you want
to use BS as well. I prefer to go with CSSGrid and e.g. React if you want
to have something unique, modern and very mobile friendly.

Please setup Wekan asap and create todos which are currently spread out in
different mail threads. As I already wrote, I enjoy to do the UI und UX
part for IPFire and really want that IPFire will stand out from their
competitors some day, but I don't want to do a lot of orga stuff. A bit of
orga stuff on my side is totally fine and expected. Please support me in
that. Such a board will make us a lot more productive and transparent.

Best, Maurice
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