[IPFire Artwork] IPFire Webinterface & Project Board

Maurice Gesswein maurice.gesswein at ipfire.org
Tue May 1 12:43:12 BST 2018

Hi there,

I would like to discuss 2 things:

   1. Frontend technique for the upcoming IPFire Webinterface (what was the
   official name for it?)
   2. Setup of a project board to keep us up to date.

*IPFire Webinterface*
I know that it will still take a while until we start with the
Webinterface, but I want to discuss this early.

I would like to suggest to use "CSS-Grid" for it instead of Bootstrap.
Sven, if I remember right you customized Bootstrap a lot and it becomes a
bit messy. Is this correct?

I'm pretty sure that the IPFire Team is not looking for a standard prebuild
Bootstrap Admin Interface which you can for free or you can buy for ~30$.
They want a unique Interface. Means we need a customized Bootstrap.
Michael, correct my if I'm wrong. If my assumption is right it doesn't
worked well with the Website.

Without Bootstrap the Design is not even more bound to Bootstrap's Layout
Grid. During the last years I designed for responsive webapps and native
mobile apps those grids restrict me more as they help. I also taked with a
Frontend Dev at my work. He confirmed that such layout grids makes the code
more complex if you need to break that grid for some usecases. Now with
CSS-Grid it's pretty easy to build up a responsive layout.

Sven, what do you think? If you are not so familiar with CSS-Grid now, take
a look at this free course: https://cssgrid.io/ (sponsored by mozilla)

*Project Board*
What do you think about using a project board like Trello? With such a
board it's easy to set up tasks for the involved members, follow the
progress and it can be also used for reporting bugs. Honestly Bugzilla is
extremly annoying to use. It's very mighty, of course. But takes 3x more
time to create a new ticket as e.g. Trello takes and screenshots etc. can't
be placed from the clipboard. Which is very very useful for bug-tickets ;)

Personally I like Trello. Easy, fast, free. Github has a build in project
board as well. It's pretty similar to Trello. There are also a couple if
open source solutions around. Like wekan.github.io.

Michael, what about making the process more transparent and efficient by
using a project board? :)

Looking forward for you feedbacks.

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