libloc 0.9.10 released

Michael Tremer michael.tremer at
Wed Feb 16 09:11:20 UTC 2022

Good morning,

I just tagged a new version of libloc which includes these changes:

* A feed from LACNIC is now being parsed for better data in the South America region

* The importer now recognises the new il-central-1 AWS Region and corrects “UK” to “GB” wherever someone go those country codes confused

* The exporter will now create files in ipset format which can be reloaded without any further ado. Before, ipset threw an error when the file has already been loaded. We will now flush and reload all data for each country/AS.

* libloc is now being packaged for Debian Bookworm

* Some development documentation has been added and can be found here:

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this release.

You can find the source here:;a=shortlog;h=refs/tags/0.9.10


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