Feedback wanted on feature to show blocked IPs per country

Alf Høgemark alf at
Wed Feb 12 18:21:50 CET 2014


Based on the existing firewalllogip.dat and firewalllogport.dat, I want 
a similair function to show
which countries gets blocked, to see which country is mainly targeting 
my servers.

I've made a preliminary prototype, you can see it here :

This works on my existing 2.13 Core75.
There is no right menu, it is just a preliminary prototype as of now.

What I basically have done, is to copy firewalllogip.dat and 
showrequestfromip.dat, and modified them
so they work on "country for ip address" rather than inidividual ip address.

This raises a few questions in my mind :

Code duplication. By just copying the firewalllogip.dat, I duplicate a 
lot of code.
To me, this also seems to be the case already, where firewalllogip.dat 
and firewalllogport.dat containing
a lot of duplicated code.
Any ideas how to avoid this ?
Has it been discussed to try to minimze the existing code duplication in 
the cgi-bin files ?

Do think "local ip addresses" should turn up in firewalllogcounty.dat ?

Here is the main part of my code :
my $gi = Geo::IP::PurePerl->new();

   if($_ =~  /SRC\=([\d\.]+)/){
     my $srcaddr=$1;
     my $ccode = $gi->country_code_by_name($srcaddr);
     my $fcode;

     # TODO: should local IP adresses be include as unknown, or excluded 
from the statistics totally ?
     # TODO: it would be nice to be able to group local IPs into "red", 
"green", "blue" etc
     if( $ccode eq "") {
         $ccode = "unknown";
     else {
        $tabjc{$ccode} = $tabjc{$ccode} + 1 ;
        if(($tabjc{$ccode} == 1) && ($lines < $pienumber)) { $lines = 
$lines + 1; }

As you can see, I now decide to not include the local ip addresses.
I also currently do not differentiate between local ip addresses and ip 
addresses where country code is actually unknown.
I'll have to check if Geo::IP has some functionality to tell me if the 
address is part of "non routable addresses", like 192.168.x.y.

Is there functionality existing in ipfire cgi-bin code to check if an ip 
address is part of the netmask of the "green", "red", "blue", "yellow"
interface ?
If so, I think I would like to treat them like "countries".

Do other people find this functionality useful ?


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