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Blago Culjak blago.culjak at
Thu Feb 19 12:16:02 CET 2015

Hello, first of all guys, great job on new features, especially GeoIP and new Guardian, this are the features that are of great value. 

I will try to contribute on my part by testing, and translating Ipfire to Croatian.

I have installed Guardian 2.10, just like in the IpFire planet post. I have now in Web interface new Guardian option, and I have setup basics. I have enabled the Guardian, but it just won't run. It always displays stopped in Web Interface.

Issuing command:
guardianctrl start
Starting Guardian...
Unable to continue: /usr/bin/guardian is running 

It displays that it's running. However, trying to stop it, displays this error:
guardianctrl stop
/etc/rc.d/init.d/guardian: line 33: [: too many arguments

I have setuped a log in debug mode, but it doesnt give any more information, other then this:

/usr/bin/guardian -d
My host IP-address is: 5.133.x.x
My gatewayaddess is: 85.94.x.x
Loaded 1 entries from /var/ipfire/guardian/guardian.ignore
Created watcher for /var/log/snort/alert
Created watcher for /var/log/messages
Created watcher for /var/log/httpd/error_log
Running in debug mode...

I can tell that no new firewall entries have been loaded into iptables regarding guardian, so it must not be running properly.

Please advise.

regards from midly warm Croatia

Blago Culjak

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